miniSOL and Junior SOL: More Girls on Bikes! by Will Unger


I usually start off with a memorable moment that seems to sum up the SOL experience but there were just too many last night. It was Will Haap’s Junior SOL debut! After shaving some grams by removing his wisdom teeth, he is back and ready to get on that top step of the podium! Also, Avery Sill and Fiona Colliver emerged from the shadows and were the only #YOUTHS to claim double points for ladies night!  

Right off the start, Kyan Olshove and Ryan Miller weaved through the masses and settled into first and second place while Wunger was close behind in third. Over the Vasa CC Climb, Carter Debruyn gapped Drew Cummins by 20 seconds and Carter Schmidt was gapped by 40 seconds. By woodchip hill, Mathew Kushman, Avery Sill, Grady Luyt, and Reese Cummins formed a chase group and were advancing on Schmidt.

As soon as Drew hit the powersection, he gunned it and caught up to Debruyn. Reese had derailleur problems and dropped out of Kushman’s pain train. Meanwhile, Haap was cruising a minute in front of the group.

At Anita’s hill, Reese caught up and latched back onto the group. The finish was fairly uneventful, Kyan finished in first with a time of 39:10, Ryan Miller finished second with a time of 41:17, and Wunger finished third with a time of 44:59.

Junior SOL honorable mentions goes to Ryan Miller for showing up even after skiing up Philosophy multiple times that morning. Also Carter Schmidt put down the oreos and made his 2018 Junior SOL debut.

In the Junior SOL overall, Wunger is first with 32 points, Kyan is second with 21 points, and Drew Cummins is in third with 20 points.  

In the Mini SOL race, Jamo Schmidt placed first with a time of 27:56, Grady Ellis placed second with a time of 28:40, and Ben Burley placed third with a time os 28:40:03 – Man that was close!

In the Mini SOL overall, Grady Ellis is leading with 26 points, Ben Burley is in second with 16 points, and Liam Wiersba is in third with 14 points.

The Junior SOL overall standings can be found right here.

The Mini SOL overall standings can be found right here.

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