2018 miniSOL + Junior SOL Vuelta Competition: Wunger, Jamo Look Good Ahead of World Championships


It was the #YOUTH’S last Vuelta stage of the year. With 30 bonus points up for grabs (10 on Boonenberg, and 20 on GO), it was their last chance to stock up on extra points before the World Championships. With very little rainfall over the past few weeks, the course was as dusty as the sandbox you used to have as a kid (minus the cat feces of course). As Cody warned before the race started, there were two un-bunnyhop-able downed trees on the course. We think that Cody did this on purpose because #crossiscoming.

As predicted, the start was VERY dusty… and fast (Kyan Olshove was there). Somehow, Wunger managed to get the early lead but Kyan was hot on his tail. Shortly after Woodchip Hill, Carter Debruyn and Charlie Black formed a paceline in attempts to reel in Brody Day. On the Power Section, Kyan caught Wunger and The Double C tag team (Carter D. and Charlie) caught Brody. Meanwhile, the gap opened up between CCB (Charlie, Carter, and Brody) trio and Sage Day. Consequently, she and Mathew Kushman formed a paceline duo. Shortly after, Reese Cummins bridged over to the duo and really picked up the pace of the group. It’s so cool to see everyone learning how to work together!

Shortly before the Boonenberg, Kyan put a 5 second gap on Wunger. Right as they hit the Boonenberg, Wunger put in a big effort and caught Kyan, thus setting himself up to get the 10 bonus points. On Anita’s Hill, Kyan dropped his chain. After asking if he was alright, Wunger put down some watts and opened a 30 second gap. By trying not to get caught by his superhuman teammate in a skinsuit, he was able to grab the 20 points on GO. Wunger’s effort was worth it, he finished first with a time of 42:35, Kyan placed second with an estimated time of 43:00, and Drew Cummins placed third with a time of 45:36. In the overall, Wunger is in the lead with 238 points, Drew Cummins is second with 170 points, and Hunter Frank is third with 122 points.

In the Mini SOL division, Jamo Schmidt placed first with a time of 26:08, Jack Klau placed second with a time of 26:37, and despite a dropped chain, Grady Ellis placed third with a time of 27:20. In the Overall, Grady Ellis is in the lead with 84 points, Jack Klau is in second with 51 points, and Ben Burley is in third with 44 points.

The Junior SOL overall standings are here.

The Mini SOL overall standings are here.

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