Cranksgiving Traverse City :: November 18


Cranksgiving is making it’s long overdue debut in TC this November. With Norte and Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan, we’ve got some big things happening. 

Coming just a few weeks after Iceman, the weeks before and after Thanksgiving are usually a time of a helpless, disorienting lack of purpose for many cyclists. No bike races for months? “Off season”? Jogging? Who am I? And can I have another slice of your pumpkin pie?

That sweaty season of gluttony is no more. This year, Norte and Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan are bringing Cranksgiving to Traverse City. The nation-wide effort has operated for years, utilizing the power of the pedal to deliver much-needed supplies to food shelters ahead of Thanksgiving. It’s grown from one small event in New York City to locations all over the United States, and we’re proud to be on the list.

The idea is really simple. Bring your bike, a bag that can carry a decent amount of food, and $20-25 to the Wheelhouse at noon on Sunday, November 18. After some chit-chatting and some game planning; we’ll all head out to grocery stores that are bike-able around TC. You’ll be giving a short shopping list and a special task; do one nice thing for a stranger. This could be anything from telling them their fly is down to stopping to help an old lady cross the street.

The best part is that you’ll be helping families in the region experience a very special holiday the way it was meant to be enjoyed; with full bellies. Bikes are tools that can take you so many places, and we’re excited to use them to connect us to organizations and people that make good things happen.

To learn more about Cranksgiving, and to sign up YOUR squad for free, head here.

To see all the cool towns where there’s a Cranksgiving taking place, head here.

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