2019 Junior SOL: Opening Night by Will Unger


It’s that time of year again, school is coming to an end and the kids can finally come out to play bikes! That’s right, it’s the first Junior SOL of 2019! With a combination the #YOUTHS coming into the race with some of the best fitness they’ve ever had and some of the fastest conditions we’re going to get all year, some PRs are destined to be set.

With very little sand, the start was all out fast. Norte’s Wunger took the early lead, hammering over the Vasa CC climb with Charlie Black and Drew Cummins hot on his tail. Wunger kept up his pace until he latched onto the lead adult chase group containing the likes of the Sovis twins and Kent McNeil. By now, he was nearing the end of special K and starting the power section with a 40 second gap.

Drew and Charlie formed their own paceline in an attempt to catch Wunger. Reese had similar plans and found himself on the front of the Goepfrich/Vigland pain train, pulling at a blistering pace that got him within 20 seconds of the Cummins/Black duo.  

Leading up to “The Nip”, Wunger’s group saw some attacks and surges. As his energy was dwindling, the pace just got faster. He finally got gapped over the top of Anitas. Despite getting dropped, he pushed on, trying to keep the gap as big as possible between him and Drew.

With one last steady, tank-emptying effort, Wunger finished first with a time of 37:50. Drew Cummins and Charlie Black tied for second with a time of 42:28 and in third was Reese Cummins with a time of 43:00 and a PR on literally every single segment on the course! In the Overall, Wunger has 20 points, Cummins and Black have 19, and Reese has 18.  

The Junior SOL standings are right here.

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