Chubby Buddies 2020

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It’s time. Our thighs are chafed from rubbing while we march to the kitchen for third helpings at family Christmas parties, our spandex is stretched beyond what is widely determined to be “safe” for wearing in public, and we’ve many pounds to lose before we’re even close to our desired race weight.

Ladies and gentlemen. Chubby Buddies begins January 1.

Add your name to our Google Sheets to participate. Or make up a name, if you’d prefer. Set your starting weight and then enter your goal weight. With the love and support of our community, we’ll work together to reach our race weights by March 1.

Maybe it’s not about racing. Maybe you just want to shed a few pounds before throwing on a bikini before spring break. That’s cool too. Whatever your goals, here’s an opportunity for some accountability for yourself and others.

Weigh-ins will be on Wednesdays, so be sure to follow us on FB and Instagram for reminders to hop on the scale.

This isn’t a competition. We want you to get out of this what you need it to be. Try your best and let’s start out 2020 a bit lighter, healthier, and happier – together.

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