Lynn Baumann Scholarship Winners


We’re so excited to finally announce our three winners for the Lynn Baumann Cycling Scholarships! With help from Yen Yoga & Fitness, Liz at Intrepid Cycling, and Kurt Schuler, we’re able to donate three, $250 scholarships for bike racing in 2020. (We’re positive some bike races will happen this year!) With help from a panel of judges from Norte and Yen Yoga, we were thrilled with how well these kids wrote about a topic they very clearly loved – bikes. I really can’t imagine a better way to honor a true legend of cycling at Yen Yoga and a really fantastic human bring like Lynn, and I’m so glad we had kids willing to participate.

These essays focused on one question: How have bikes, bike racing, and the cycling community changed your life?

And boy howdy, did we get some pretty incredible responses. Picking just three winners in this contest was tough. And I mean tough. Each essay we received reiterated the others, with a few themes quickly emerging.

  • Racing bikes is tough, but it’s the hard work that each rider came to enjoy the most.

  • Community is everything. No matter the speed or skill level, no one has to ride alone.

  • Riding bikes is a sport that lasts a lifetime. Almost every writer made a point that they don’t see themselves ever not riding bikes.

Without further adieu, the winners of the Lynn Baumann Cycling Scholarships are (in no particular order):

Gwen Urbain

Brody Day

Piper Shumar

Congratulations, crew! We wanted to do an in-person ceremony, but that’s off the table for the time being. Instead, we’ll get a picture of you future writers at a race this fall. Be sure to email Ty, who will handle all race reimbursements (thanks, Ty!) for your individual scholarships.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted an essay; you have no idea how badly we wanted to split the money up and give scholarships to everyone. You all did great, and we can’t wait to see you all on the trails very soon!

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