2020 Trofeo Mark Dressler Recap!


What a way to remember Mark! 

The inaugural Trofeo Mark Dressler is the last dressler-rehearsal before the return of Speed of Light (kind of) and served as the perfect lead-in to Less Cancer Weekend. 

Together, and with cyclists around the country, we’re at nearly $70,000 dollars for Less Cancer. Of the 120+ riders who signed up for the Alone But Together Bike Ride this weekend, a nice, big, handsome chunk are from right here in Traverse City! It really is something we can be proud of; when it comes to doing something good for others, our community always steps up. 

They also can go pretty fast, too. The first of its kind, the three-segment ride was a new twist on the SOLo Kolo format this week. With a short, medium, and long(er) effort on offer, it was a neat chance to measure riders as an all-rounder. That means Jeff Owens and Susan Vigland won. Obviously. 

Owens didn’t quite make a clean sweep of things, with Tim Bottrell unloading on the Gallivan Sprint to put down a 1:35. Owens made the bulk of his time on the two climbs, 12 seconds over second place on Valley, and nearly 45 seconds over second on Philosophy. His closest rival at the end of things, Ryan “Mr. President” Kennedy, was nipping at his heels the whole way, but never took time. 

Drew Martin confirmed he’s going to be another big hoss in TC with a third place overall this week, including joining just five other riders in going under ten minutes on Philosophy. Kolo t.c. snuck two riders into the top five with Ryan Reiter in fourth and Cody Sovis one second further back in fifth. 

Susan was as dominant as ever, finding nearly a minute on Philosophy and a few more second over second-place Laura Webb on Valley, though Valerie Hyrman did show her sprinting prowess with the top time on the Gallivan Sprint. In fourth overall, Amie Elve held off Beth Collins, Kasey Wierzba, Barb Beaurgaurd, and Sammi Maldanado. 

You can still support Less Cancer and the Alone But Together Bike Ride through the end of the month here. 

The full Trofeo Mark Dressler results are here.
Speed of Light starts June 8 with Fat Bike/Cyclocross Week! Ride 4” tires or wider for fat bike classification or any drop bar bike with 700” wheels (tires up to 2.3”). Just make a note of it in your ride title for DOUBLE POINTS in the WorldTour competition.

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