2020 Speed of Light World Championships!

Speed of Light World Championships.pngSpeed of Light World Championships.png

Surprise! We’re doing it. Kind of.

It just so happens that the 2020 UCI World Championships fall in line with what would have been our ‘normal’ Speed of Light World Championships, and it’s a #synergy any low-level marketing employee would be a fool to pass up.

It’s simple. Go snap into a Slim Jim and throw down the fast SOL lap you can between tuh-day and Friday at 5pm. We’ll be keeping track of the fastest men’s, women’s, and U-18 times of the week, and they’ll be crowned the World Champions for the year!

The favorites are the usual suspects, including Jorden Wakeley and the triumvirate of Jeff Owens, Garrett Jenema, and Max Meyer. Those three dominated the abbreviated Speed of Light calendar this summer, and it’ll be a tall order to sneak past any of them to get onto the podium. If they needed something to chase, it’s out there; 2019 Iceman Cometh Challenge winner Alexey Vermeulen set the fastest time of the year at 33:36.

On the women’s side, Susan Vigland is the heavy favorite, but the likes of Laura Webb, Liz Belt, Bridget Widrig, and the elusive Lauri Brockmiller could always throw up a challenge. We’re also secretly hoping to see Melissa Ryba and Sarah Drews toss down a fast time for the kolo t.c. squad!

The youths have one of the most interesting races. Kyan Olshove and Drew Cummins were fast all year, and they’re some of just a few riders who have actual real-race experiences after a strong showing at the MiSCA race at Cannonsburg this past weekend. Charlie Black, Grady “Ferocious Teddy Bear” Ellis, and the whole Norte Varsity team will have a week of training in the bank, which could toss up a dark horse for the podium.

We’re sticking with the 2019 Speed of Light course to keep it simple.

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