2021 Trofeo Mark Dressler: Congrats, Jim!

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After a month of riding, the 2020 Trofeo Mark Dressler has a champion! 

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our Less Cancer Bike Ride effort and gotten involved with this month-long competition. This year’s Trofeo Mark Dressler honored our buddy Mark on his eponymous route, the Dressler 30. We picked three unique and challenging segments to test riders, with the third and final being the vaunted assault up Philosophy. 

There were concerted efforts, including an entire cabal of riders lead by Brad Hochstetler in the middle of the month. Brad, Dan Madion, Chad Black, and Carl Copenhaver were committed to taking top times on to segments in particular, the Gallivan Sprint and the Kessel Run. 

While certainly not the longest segment, the Kessel Run was a real challenge. The difference between the top time and slowest time was over 25%, a difference bigger than either Gallivan or Philosophy. The tricky up-and-down, rolling terrain and three-minute duration were tough to time, but the crew’s lead out nailed it to deliver Brad the fast time ever and play a key role in getting him into a tie for second overall. 

Patrick Cotant has been a steamroller this spring and his Trofeo efforts were truly impressive. He tied for the fastest time on the Gallivan Sprint, ceded just seven seconds on the Kessel Run, and was third fastest on Philosophy, too. That consistency mimics his metronomic riding-style and shows where he’s at as we turn to summer and gear up for Patrick’s Heavy Ride (NOTE: He’s the Patrick) on July 31.

There wasn’t anything fancy about the winner’s ride, aside from the facial hair. Showing off the fitness he’s had all fall, winter, and spring, Jim Jackovatz crushed Philosophy to give himself a ton of time in hand, but his efforts on the Kessel Run, too, were top-notched. In the end, he was a relatively comfortable 34 seconds clear of Hochstetler and Cotant. 

So far, we’ve raised over, $1,300 for Less Cancer ahead of the ride on June 5, 2021. To donate, or to join our team, head here.

You can see the final results from Trofeo Mark Dressler here.
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