The Cookie Ride RAQs

It’s that time again. Bike rides with pals are back, and we’re putting some sprinkles on the fun. 

On Saturday, July 3, join us at Darrow Park for The Cookie Ride. It’s sort of a remake of the traditional Pancake Ride but with a new venue and a new post-ride treat. 

We’ve put together some RAQs (Rarely Asked Questions, but we know you’re thinking it) to explain the earth-shattering change. 

Why aren’t you just making pancakes for us you lazy jerk? 

The Pancake Ride is a blast, but it’s not easy. Cherry Bend Park’s pavilion is small. If we plug in more than one griddle, we blow a fuse. Do you know how long it takes to make hundreds of pancakes on one hot plate? We also incur a number of expenses that quickly eat (yes, worked in that pun) into our profits, which are, again, donations. It’s also a three-to-four-hour commitment for volunteers to make the ‘cakes on a beautiful holiday weekend…and trust me, we don’t have people queuing up to do it. Since I’m too selfish to do it, I’m not going to ask other people to make pancakes and miss out on whatever else they could be doing that day, including riding with us! 

Why are we meeting at Darrow Park now? 

Because that’s where 95% of our County rides meet anyway, and we no longer need #POWER for the griddles. It also makes it slightly more convenient for families to meet up after the ride, and it’s closer to important establishments like Slabtown Cookies (for more supplies) and Dan’s house. 

What are the routes?

They’re the same, and you can see them at the links below. Make sure you RSVP for the ride here. Of course, you can also do whatever you want! Just make sure you earn your sprinkles, family. 

The 64 mile Route. 

The 32 mile Route. 

Is it a race?

It’s not a race. The longer route is typically spicy, but there’s a traditional stop in Glen Arbor for water and a ‘natural break’. Go fast, go slow, do whatever you want; it about the ride. There are always folks keeping it casual, so just see where you end up, make some new friends, and enjoy the morning. 

Why are we doing this? 

Because dogs rule. The ride is free, but we do hope you’ll make a donation to the Great Lakes Humane Society. Linda and her veritable army of volunteers offer dogs a second chance at finding a home. Located on Harry’s Road, the shelter often brings dogs from other parts of the state, other parts of the country, even other parts of the world that may not have longer-term shelters for abandoned animals. It’s a great organization, and we suggest donating what you can here to keep it going strong. 

What about those cookies?

Oh, yeah. We have 50 cookies coming from Brew! We’re probably going to need more. Considering supporting your favorite coffee shop or bakery and bringing a dozen to share. We typically have about 150 people for the ride but since kolo t.c. didn’t actually take sponsorship money, we have precisely zero budget for 2021. 

If you’re a local cookie-producer, email me at to donate some goodness!

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