Winter Race for Less Cancer p/b DIRTY Mitten Racing League

Join us in Pedaling the Path to Prevention…virtually.

We’re bringing people together from around the world to race into 2022! Whether you’ve joined us for the Less Cancer Bike Ride in the past or just want to be a part of a fun, laid-back virtual race, this is the way to get moving.

Join us January 8, 2022 at 0800 EST for the Winter Race on Zwift. Choose your category (A-D), go fast or go slow, but don’t miss it!

The Less Cancer Mission

Less Cancer is a non-profit organization that supports cancer prevention programs in more than 40 countries around the world. They work at the state and national level to educate decision-makers about ways to reduce the risk of cancer in all populations and hold polluters accountable. From smoking to vaping to PFAS and beyond, Less Cancer has played a role in legislation and information to make a real difference in the lives of millions.

The Less Cancer Bike Ride

For more than 12 years now, the Less Cancer Bike Ride has played a vital role in funding Less Cancer initiatives, including the National Cancer Prevention Caucus in Washington D.C. The ride might be centered in Traverse City, but riders across the United States have gotten involved by riding solo or inviting friends to join them for a ride.

This year’s Less Cancer Bike Ride kick-off is Saturday, June 4 and runs through July 4, challenging riders to rack up miles and raise money and awareness.

The Winter Race

DIRTy Mitten Racing League is a collection of Michigan-based cyclists who spend more of the winter months racing in virtual stage races and raising money for non-profits. This year’s Winter Race will challenge riders to 2 laps of the Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop, with race results to each category! Get your new year off to a fast, invigorating start, and do some good while you’re pedaling.

You can sign up for the Zwift race here.

Take a moment to learn more about Less Cancer and consider making a donation.

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