2022 Ore2Shore Results

A soggy edition of the famous Ore2Shore marks the zenith of the summer mountain bike season.

This year’s event marks the first ‘normal’ year after pandemic-affected races in 2020 and 2021. That may have been a factor in the outpouring of interest in the 2022 Ore2Shore and the mass exodus north to Marquette.

Ore2Shore 48 Mile Winners

Men’s Hard Rock

Kona’s Kerry Werner won the Men’s pro race ahead of Caleb Schwartz and Nathan Guerra. Five different states were represented in the top ten of the men’s Hard Rock this year, including riders from Virginia, Montana, and Arizona (although we count Brian Matter in as a Michigander most of the time!).

Garrett Jenema led an incredible showing from TC riders in 11th place ahead of Drew Cummins in 14th and Max Meyer in 16th.

Women’s Hard Rock

Emma Schwab took the TC success several steps further, all the way to the top step! Schwab won the 2022 Ore2Shore with an incredible time of 2:54, three minutes clear of runner-up Emily Werner.

View the Full 2022 Ore2Shore Results Here

What’s Next?

There are plenty of races left this summer! Check out our calendar and let us know which races you’re planning on hitting; we’ll add them to the page.

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