2022 Speed of Light Vuelta Competition – Stage Three

Records are meant to be broken. This one was positively smashed.

After two weeks of trying, Garrett Jenema rounded up a hit squad to take the course record in stunning fashion, trimming two minutes off the previous best and posting an eye-watering 33:54.

Jenema, Kyan Olshove, Max Meyer and Steffan Howard combined on the day to put in the ride of the SOL year, with three riders under the 35 minute mark and the fourth, Howard, just 11 seconds over.

The previous record holder, Jason Johnson, managed a rock solid 5th on the day in a time of 37:25. The two bright spots behind (and, to be clear, terrifying) were Porter Kochis – yes, him at 39:42 and Grady Ellis, ye Ore2Shore Soft Rock winner, 2 seconds back and both comfortably in the top ten.

The Points Shuffle

After last week, eight riders were within 4 points for fifth place, and this while this week broke up the back, there was a lot of shuffling. Howard launched into 4th place, replacing Wes Sovis in the spot as the kolo rider battled a mechanical that cost time. Wes slips to a crowded, three-way tie 9th with Olshove and Emma Schwab also on 20 points.

That’s 2 points behind Mr. Consistent Jaden Drews, with another trio tied on 26 points ahead of him in the fight for fifth. Dan and Grady Ellis might have to play it tactically to put a battling Chris Johnston away in the finale.

It’s a tie at the top as well, with Jenema and Meyer tied on 47 points, a full 11 points clear of Cody Sovis in third. The teammates may have to settle this with a gentlemen’s game of rock, paper, scissors.

What’s Next?

It’s Out’n’Back season! Join the Club for updates on some Dockery and Backs next weekend and throughout the fall. There are plenty of riders heading to Uncle John’s Dirty Ride as well.

See the updated SOL standings.

See Jenema’s record-breaking ride on Strava.

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