Making an Iceman

We’re two months out from the Iceman Cometh Challenge. For me, Iceman is the main race of the year. As the temps drop, as we lose daylight, and as we creep towards the frozen hellscape that is northern Michigan, Iceman represents a mental and physical resistance to the end of another riding season. 

We all know the key to any Iceman Cometh training plan is consistency. But for many reasons, I’ve never really put together a solid two months of training before the big dance. This fall, I’m really going to try to make it happen. At the end of August, I did an FTP test to establish a baseline of fitness and work towards improving my FTP before we hit the start line in Kalkaska on November 5. 

Two-Month-Out FTP Test

First up, the baseline numbers. I’ve been doing plenty of riding over the month of August, but I’ve definitely lacked intensity. Work has ruled me out of TNRs for the last month and a half, and the lack of high-intensity efforts is clear in my initial baseline testing. 

Weight: 182

FTP: 294

FTP equivalent in w/kg: 3.54

The results are definitely a step down from my spring FTP experimentation, where I ended up at an FTP of 310w (3.75w/kg). 

While laying in a puddle of sweat after my FTP test, I decided that if I want a solid Iceman, I really need to add some power and hopefully lose some of my cookie and IPA weight. So. I came up with a plan. 

The Iceman Cometh Training Plan

Without boring everyone, the training plan is pretty simple. On the weekdays, I’ll focus on getting in at least two recovery rides, as well as two very intense, but short efforts. Zwift will definitely factor in over the next two months as my work schedule is always crazy in the fall. 

On the weekends, I’ll focus on getting in longer (2+ hours) to make sure I still have some stamina in the tank. 

Off the bike, I’ll be doing weight sessions twice per week with a big emphasis on squats and core work. When I do squats, I always feel a big difference on the bike. But staying disciplined about doing them twice a week will be a big ask for me. Because I’m lazy. 

The Goal

I just want to be somewhat fast, man. I’ve had some good races here and there over the last few years, but I really want to have a strong fall riding season. To quantify “somewhat fast” here are the numbers I’m shooting for. 

Weight: 175

FTP: 320

FTP equivalent in w/kg: 4-ish

Ambitious? Probably. But I definitely want to give it a try. With squats and salads, there’s nothing that can stop me. 

Except for beer. 

Thanks for reading. Here’s to making the most out of the fall riding season. 

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