2023 Fat & Flurrious Results

The 2023 Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series is officially underway after a fast day in the woods. With chilly (but not frigid) temperatures and a mix of snow and dirt, it was a far less flurrious edition than racers are used to.

Early Points on the Board

It was a chance for Series regulars to put some points on the board and with more than 75 racers, it’s going to be a big haul.

Long Race

In the Men’s Open, Jorden Wakeley took the win with a healthy four-minute margin over runner up Matt Acker. Third was basically the hometown here, John Burmeister, ahead of everyone’s favorite diabetic Australian, Justin Morris.

The Women’s Open winner, Heather Compton, found just under 30 seconds between herself and Nina Waeshenfelder, giving Northbound Outfitters wins in both categories. Stacy Laurencelle snuck in under the 90 minute mark, while series regular Anabel Miller and Erica Martin rounded out the women’s top five finishers.

Short’s Race

In the 1-lap Short’s race, Craig Napont picked up full points and the win ahead of McLain Racing Team’s George Shumar. Wild Card Cycle Works’ Peter Trucco took a day away from the shop to nab a podium spot, with Tony “Craig’s Brother” Napont and David Rosier rounding out the top five.

The top women’s finisher was Britt Vallad in a neat and tidy time of 60 minutes and 26 seconds. The wonderful Jennifer Donahue was second, with Kelly Browe and Piper “Can I Have You Cans?” Shumar making up the rest of the top five.

So How Do The Points Work?

It’s complicated, but not that complicated. Each category is worth 50 points, with decreasing 2 point gaps between every racer after larger gaps for the podium.

Simple? Yes. Here’s the curveball. The total number of finishers from each category is then added to the starting 50. So if there are 20 riders in the Men’s Open, first place gets 70 points, second place 68, etc.

Every racer counts at every race. However, to be eligible for the Series total, you need to register for the full Series by February 7. $5 of your $20 Series entry goes straight to Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association.

Points are updated no later than Monday night after each race!

Full 2023 Fat & Flurrious Results

Check out the complete category-by-category results from Boyne City at SBFBS.com.

What’s Next

Race Number Duh of the Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series is Saturday, January 28. Head to Crystal Mountain for Fat Chance!, nab some points and please, do your snow dance.

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