2023 Yankee Springs Time Trial Results

The 2023 Yankee Springs Time Trial marks the official start of the mountain bike season and an early look top riders’ form.

It was largely a West Michigan affair, with the Elite and Expert podiums dominated by locals. And that’s cool; Yankee Springs is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the West Michigan Mountain Bike Alliance, which maintains a TON of trails across the region.

Elite Men (and Old Elite Men)

We’re digging the Elite and Elite 40+ category split, which encourages the strongest top 30-40 riders to race in the Elite category and let Experts duke it out.

Elite Men

  1. Jonathan Meyers
  2. Marc Walters
  3. Tyler Weston

Elite Men 40+

  1. Nick Vaughn
  2. Robert Richardson
  3. Nicolas DeHaan

Women’s Expert/Elite

  1. Erica Spore
  2. Katherine Droese
  3. Victoria Crane

Check out the full 2023 Yankee Springs Time Trial Results here.

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