2023 Less Cancer Bike Ride TC – Thank You!

Scheduling Traverse City’s Less Cancer Bike Ride in early June is a bit of a gamble. There’s nothing guaranteed about Northern Michigan weather, but somehow, we’ve always gotten lucky every year since this all started in 2017!

The 2023 Less Cancer Bike Ride turned out absolutely perfect. More than 20 riders joined up for 66-mile ride through beautiful Leelanau County under sunny skies and almost no traffic. The event marks the real start to summer cycling in the region and the high mark of our fundraising efforts for Less Cancer.

The Ride

The group headed north on Center Highway, cresting Herman Road in less than an hour. It was a strong pace all day thanks to Jeff Owens, Patrick Cotant, Steve Andriese and a host of other riders happy to put their nose in the wind. Riding along the north end of Lake Leelanau and spilling through Gils Pier and Onomenee Road (one of the best roads we don’t ride enough), it was through Northport and largely south.

If you get a chance, give the route a shot this summer.

The Cause

The kolo t.c. team is setting the pace in fundraising, too. We blew past our $1,500 goal last week and we’re at nearly $3,200 on the heels of our ride. It ain’t over yet – we have until July 2 to help Less Cancer meet its $100,000 goal. Oh, and we’d like to “win” the team competition, too.

We want to thank the 11 riders who signed up to support Less Cancer so far this month:

  • Kent McNeil
  • Cody Sovis
  • Ben Price
  • Wes Sovis
  • Brad Pauly
  • Jeff Owens
  • Dan Madion
  • Patrick Cotant
  • Steve Andriese
  • Ian Plamondon

It’s not too late to join or put in some miles toward the cause. Join our team and help us keep the momentum going through July 2!

What’s Next

We’re back to our do-gooder ways on July 2, actually. For the second year, The Cookie Ride leaves Brick Wheels at 8 am for the famous lap around Glen Lake. Back at the shop, you’ll get a chance to meet Linda, the lovely founder of Great Lakes Humane Society, and several of the dogs available for adoption! Donations are encouraged – and we’ve got the cookies covered.

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