Thank You: Wrapping Up the Less Cancer Hike and Bike America 2023

 kolo t.c. has played a part of the Less Cancer Bike Ride for several years now and it has become more special each year. The event is perfect for bringing people together and for remembering those affected by cancer. Each and every person on our team has a cancer story to tell, whether personal or a loved one, a story of survival or a tale of loss.

Those stories deserve – and need – to be told. They serve as poignant reminders of what’s at stake with every choice we make. As individuals, we can make health-first choices the lower our cancer risk. As a society, we can choose to support those lacking resources or agency to make safe decisions. The stories put faces to the consequences of those choices and make it harder for all of us to look away.

Our Team Crushed It

At 16 riders, this was our biggest turnout for Less Cancer yet. Together, we raised more than $3,700 and helped push Less Cancer closer to its $100,000 goal. Fittingly, our top fundraiser was Kent McNeil, who is privately dealing with a cancer loss in his family. Kent and everyone on our squad played a role in raising funds, awareness and a desire for change – and every mile makes a difference.

We also want to thank of the ladies who joined for the first Women’s Only Less Cancer Ride. The ladies showed up big time and helped us keep the Less Cancer momentum going all month long.

There’s Still Time to Give

Less Cancer’s work never stops and neither should its supporters. It’s always a good time to give, to share Less Cancer news and to stay involved with the mission to prevent cancer. And fitting in a bike ride can’t hurt, either! From everyone at kolo t.c., thank you for the support!

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